Frequently asked questions!

What is a traffic exchange?

Why you should Join Shruthi Hits?

How to Joining Shruthi Hits?

How to bring visitors to your site?

How to find other Traffic Exchanges?

How to get referrals(promote)?

How to create your Blog?

How to use Trackers and Rotators?

I can't log in!

If you can't log in, it is usually because either your username or password is incorrect. It could also be because your account is unverified, or that you have been temporarily blocked because of too many login attempts. If you get another error or need help specific to your account, please contact support.

How do I get a Profile picture?

To have a profile picture, you have to use Gravatar, Globally recognized avatars. Sign up there with the email you use for your account here, or add this email to your existing Gravatar account. Connect a picture to it and rate the picture "G" as in suitable for all ages.

How can I earn commissions?

Promote any of the links listed on the Affiliate Toolbox page under the Affiliates menu. When someone signs up from your link, they will be your referral. You will earn credits when they surf and commissions when they purchase something.

How do I get my commissions?

Enter your preferred payout method and the address for it on the Profile page under the Account menu. Once you have reached eligible for payout. Simply contact support to request your payout.

If you have any queries, please send us a support ticket to We are here to help you.