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PerryJ GibsonSr

In Indian culture, Shruthi is the Mother of Music.
MUSIC stands for Uninterrupted Soulful Intriguing Caravan.
Shruthi Hits wants to deliver Uninterrupted Quality Web Site Traffic
to our Awesome Members


"We are giving away HUNDREDS Of Surfing Prizes to Our Members every day!"

Top 10 Programs!

"Promote Your 10 Favorite Sites With YOUR Referral IDs. It's All Completely Free! "

Daily Promo Code!

"Check daily Promo code. Surf 150 Pages and claim your prize."

Surfer Contests!

"We are running a Daily Surfer Contest and Weekly Surfer Contest. You can win Cash, Piggy Cash, Credits, Banners, Square Banners, and Text Ads to participate in these contests."

Team Surfing Contest!

"We are running a Weekly Team Surfing Contest. A total of 50 Members can win Cash, Piggy Cash, Credits, Banners, Square Banners, and Text Ads to participate in this contest."

Top Promoter Contest!

"The Top promoter contest runs from Monday to Sunday. A total of 10 Members get Cash Prizes in our Top Promoter Contest."


We are giving away Daily Cash, Piggy Cash, Credits, Banners, Square Banners, and Text Ads on the Prize page, Venom game, and Balloon Pop game while surfing. Don't forget to claim a Surfer Reward every day if you have surfed 100 pages or more!

Partner Sites!

We are a Premium Partner In Food Game, Viral Traffic Games, Lost In Ad Spaces, and Finest Traffic. Play our partner's game while surfing and win cash prizes in daily and weekly contests.

Blog and Network!

Write your blog to share your sites, interests, thoughts, and find new friends with our Blog Tool. You can share your blog anywhere it can be seen by members and non-members.

Trackers and Rotators!

Trackers and Rotators are great tools for your advertising. Our Shruthi Hits Trackers and Rotators give total views, unique visitors, conversions, and Traffic Sources of your advertising.

Training Videos!

Don't know how to use Shruthi Hits? Please check our Training Videos section.

Why should you join SHRUTHI HITS?

Website Traffic Banner Advertising Text Advertising
Prize Pages Referral Bonuses Downline Builder
Residual Commissions Progressive Surf ratio Signup Bonuses
Daily Surfer Rewards Daily Top Surfer Contest Weekly Top Surfer Contest
Cross Promos Top Promoter Contest Team Surfing
Food Game Viral Traffic Games Lost in Ad Spaces

Choose a plan that suits your advertizing needs!

Free Member Silver Member Gold Member
Surf timer 8 Seconds 6 Seconds 4 Seconds
Credits per Click 0.5 0.75 1.5
Commission 10% 20% 40%
Credits from Referrals 5% 10% 15%
Number of Sites 5 25 100
Number of Banners 5 25 100
Number of Square Banners 5 25 100
Number of Text Ads 5 25 100
Auto Assign 90% 25% 0%
Bonus Credits/Month No 1000 2000
Bonus Banners/Month No 1000 2000
Bonus Square Banners/Month No 1000 2000
Bonus Text Ads/Month No 1000 2000
Rotators 5 15 50
Trackers 10 25 50
Remove rotator frame No Yes Yes
VTG Page Frequency 31 to 40 21 to 30 10 to 15
Extra Points in VTG 0% 20% 50%
Price Free $5/Month $10/Month

Partner Sites

The Food Game Partner Finest Traffic Weekly Pool Partner VTG Lost in Ad Spaces Helmet Badge Collection Mousumi Traffic Coop Partner Diamond Hunting Games